Update Week of March 17, 2014


Below are the summaries of the topics we covered in English, Math, Science, Social Science and Strategy Instruction.

Please also consult the Assignment Calendar tab above for specific dues dates and upcoming Middle School events. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via email, fischers@ismanila.org.


Students in Ms. Hawkinson’s and Ms. Monroe’s English classes brainstormed life events/milestones to create their own Life Maps in session one.  In session two students continued to work on their Life Maps.  They also reflected on their strengths and areas of growth in English class in preparation for Student Led Conferences.  In session three students prepped for SLCs by role playing.  Student’s “parents” asked them questions about progress, strengths and areas where they need to continue to develop.

Students in all English classes should be choosing a hero and start reading a book about that hero from the library at a challenging reading level.  Books can be found in the ISM library, the bookstore or online.


Students in Mr. Cargile’s Math classes took the pre assessment covering combining like terms, distribution and one and two step equations during the first session.  In the second session students reviewed and reflected on their pre assessments.  Mr. Cargile postponed the actual assessment till next week and spent the class third session reviewing the unit with students.


Students took the performance task Rocket Mania assessment during the first session in Mr. Patterson’s classes. They prepared for Student Led Conferences during the second and third sessions.

Students in Ms. Cook’s classes worked on convection and completed their lava lamps.

Students in Mr. Pasamba’s classes need to read and study the recycling factory handout for the performance task on density.


Students in Ms. Vogt’s and Mr. Wislang’s classes spent the three sessions this week working on their World Trade performance tasks, “The Impact of World Trade,” or preparing for Student Led Conferences.

That’s it for the week!

~Mr. Fischer


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