Update Week of April 21, 2014


Below are the summaries of the topics we covered in English, Math, Science and Social Studies.

Please also consult the Assignment Calendar tab above for specific dues dates and upcoming Middle School events. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via email, fischers@ismanila.org.


Students in Ms. Hawkinson’s and Ms. Monroe’s English classes began preparing for their next performance task, talking about their heroes in a Fishbowl Discussion.  Students must persuade their peers that their hero should be nominated for ISM hero of the year. Students spent the week brainstorming/mind-mapping, reviewing the Tools of Persuasion and preparing their opening statements.  Fishbowl discussions begin week of April 28.


Students in Mr. Cargile’s classes spent the first session of the week collecting data for the Jumping Jack Experiment.  During the second session students graphed and interpreted the data.


Students in Mr. Patterson’s classes students shared what they did during break with a science topic/ connection and observation that connects with the science topic.  Students continued to work on and their Density Slope Investigation graphs and conclusions, which are due on Monday, April 28.

Students in Ms. Cook’s Science classes are continuing their Crime Scene Investigation.


Students in Ms. Vogt’s and Mr. Wislang’s classes continued investigating cause and effect by analyzing how the physical characteristics (e.g. natural resources, landscape, weather conditions &c.) of their region in Africa effects the human characteristics  (economics, culture, &c.) of the people living there.

That’s it for this week!

~Mr. Fischer