Update Week of May 12, 2014


Below are the summaries for the topics we covered in English, Math, Science and Social Studies.

Please also consult the Assignment Calendar tab above for specific dues dates and upcoming Middle School events.

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Students began working on their final performance task in Ms. Hawkinson’s and Ms. Monroe’s classes, a persuasive essay.  Last week student chose to respond to one of two writing prompts:  “Is the character, Edward Bloom, in the film Big Fish telling the truth?” or “Choose a character from the movie Big Fish who you believe is a hero?  Why is he/she a hero?  What heroic traits does this character have?”

Students spent the first session analyzing a model of a persuasive essay.  They identified the different parts of the essay-the introduction with hook and thesis statement, the body paragraphs with each topic sentence and the conclusion.  Students then brainstormed and prepared their own persuasive essays.

Students spent the second and third sessions this week completing their essay outlines and they began to write their body paragraphs.


Students continued to practice Linear Relationships in preparation for the unit’s pre-assessment to be administered during the third session this week and the formal assessment to be administered week of May 19.


Students in Mr. Patterson’s classes continued to investigate the topic of heat transfer.

Mr. Passamba and Ms. Cook’s classes continued to explore the “What is Truth” unit by verify facts using the Scientific Method in a mock crime scene.  Students have been using evidence analysis of hair, blood and finger prints to verify facts.


Students in Ms. Vogt’s and Mr. Wislang’s classes started the last performance task of the year by choosing a human rights issue (e.g. slavery, discrimination, education, poverty, democracy, healthcare) in Africa to explore and analyze.

That’s this week’s summaries.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via email, fischers@ismanila.org.




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